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"I'm new to your practice and wanted to let u know that I feel very welcome in your "house"... And I am grateful for the intuition that guided me here... I thought the reason for taking your yoga class was to repair my physical body. But now I understand. The gift you offer is so much more... I accept and embrace this journey. Awakening my Heartspace. Manifesting by design, My spiritual, mental, physical, and sexual bodies." –In Divine Gratitude, David

"I am so grateful for having this opportunity in my lifetime to share it with such a powerful group of teachers who have so much wisdom to offer and are the most caring, loving instructors I have even met. They each put so much love and dedication in what they do. Yoga has made my journey in this lifetime remarkable, and I have learned so much about myself both physically and spiritually. Before yoga I repeatedly struggled with my emotions and life in general. I often found it hard to clear my mind and prioritize my goals. Through yoga, I have learned various breathing techniques that help me to create gaps in order to slow my mind. I am now learning how to overcome life’s obstacles in a conscious way and with that I have woken up to my reality and am enjoying life for the gift it truly is. I couldn’t ask for a better place to learn and grow as an individual! –Peace and Love, Danielle

I started yoga about 5 years ago after many years of aerobics and dance. I came to the practice primarily out of vanity and wanting to stay "in shape". I had my doubts since yoga isn't as aerobic as what I was used to. A dear friend convinced me to try a class or two. I was happy to find that my muscles were just as strong or stronger, and that I was still "in shape" after doing yoga. A chronic lower back ache subsided, probably because of strengthening my abdominal and back muscles. And most happily, bouts of stress incontinence disappeared. Again--all that muscle tightening! But more has happened for me, or within me. My ability to calm and to think has grown. It is hard to define the inner benefits of yoga practice, but there is inner growth and thoughtfulness that occurs if you let it. The lessons of yoga carry in to my daily life. For example, finding the comfort and steadiness in each pose--I try to think about where I find that same comfort and steadiness in good and bad times. Yoga has been a positive addition to my life, and I'm sure I will continue for some time to come. –Sincerely, Roblee Irvine - Redding CA

I am a 48 year old male... always wanted to-never did, type of yoga person - finally I have tried yoga - what a great discipline!! It is much more than I thought it would be (it goes way beyond just flexibility). Nancy and the other instructors have made this a wonderful beginning. The self-consciousness that came with the initial classes goes away quickly. I have attended approximately 12-15 sessions (just a beginner) and have noticeable changes in my flexibility. I originally came for back and neck discomfort; I have had noticeable relief from this pain. Yoga has really helped me be active in my own health care. I can and do make a difference in how I feel. Thanks Nancy for providing such a clean, healthy and affordable place for my intro to yoga. –Don - Redding, CA

I attribute my improved knees to yoga--and it's not as though I even practice every day. I have degenerative arthritis in my knees and had surgery on both nearly 8 years ago. The doctor told me that I would probably need to come back for more meniscus clean-up within a few years, and that my walking days were pretty much over. The strength and flexibility gained from yoga has made it possible for me to hike again and to walk 18 holes of golf. Yoga is about quality of life--in multiple ways! Thanks for making it so enjoyable and accessible.–Judy Smith - Redding CA

I look forward to my annual visit to my in-laws in Redding because I have the chance to drop-in on classes at the House of Yoga. Like in many of the best studios, when I visit the House of Yoga, I feel like I have come home. You have some truly magnificent teachers who practice what they preach. Thanks and Namaste, –M. Levine, Portland, OR

I started doing yoga in 1998, at Redding Fitness Ctr. Since then I have attended many different yoga classes: in Berkeley, New York (4 different places), Paris and Ferrara, Italy. And my favorite yoga place is…..The House of Yoga in Redding. What do I like about the House of Yoga? * The room is quiet and clean, doesn’t smell of dirty socks, and is used only for yoga. Every conceivable yoga prop is provided. * Classes are taught by yoga ( not aerobics!) teachers trained in different types of yoga who are continually going to workshops and classes so as to learn new techniques and theory to pass on to students. * The level of a class is always tailored to the students present and their needs on that day. We often discuss health and lifestyle issues. * The background music (or chant or bells) is yoga-appropriate, never loud, distracting or pop-annoying. Highly recommended! –BB Walker

Hi Nancy, I thank you and the other teachers - Silke, Nayla, Marcia - for being so enthusiastic for yoga. It is contagious! We are eager to learn. Yoga is as good for my mind as it is for my body. It reduces stress, increases flexibility of muscles and joints (O.A.), increases strength and stamina, reduces body weight and increases vital exchange of O2 in, and CO2 out. Long live 3-part breath and devoted teachers! –Ed (Doc) Troop

 Nancy.  Here are my thoughts on yoga.  BB What I love about our yoga

  • A team of teachers with different styles, all seriously well-prepared.
  • Classes of 90 minutes, allowing time for breathing and relaxation at both beginning and end.
  • Small classes tailored to the needs of those present.
  • Discussion of health issues.
  • Use of Sanskrit names for poses.
  • Precise breathing instructions for each part of the pose.
  • Appropriate music, when appropriate.
  • Closing mantras and “oming”.
  • Warm, inviting atmosphere in the studio.
  • No mirrors.
  • Bathroom adjacent.
  • Lots of props and blankets provided.
  • Incense.
  • Bells and crystal gong. –BB Walker

Thank you, Nancy.  You gave me a gift in class last night.  What a truly “restorative” class!  As you guided us, I literally felt my tight hip muscles loosening one by one.  It was so wonderful that later when I got into bed I used my bolster and fell asleep in the same on my side position. As I was driving home feeling oh, so good, I began thinking about you and how selflessly you gave us that class, during which no one talked or interacted with you.  You just guided us through in otherwise complete silence. You unselfishly gave your time to us when I know you had a dozen more active things you could have been doing for yourself. As I continue to work, to grow both inside and out, you and your studio play a big part in my transformation - just one of the many wonderful gifts you share all year long.   Bless you. Love, –Claudia