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In The Thighs Of The Beholder

Join Dr. Nancy for a brand new


“In The Thighs Of The Beholder” 

Hello Everyone,

I sent out an email asking for your input.  I’m so grateful for the responses.

The Majority of you responded requesting this topic, days, time and length of series.

What constitutes “The Thighs”, you ask?

My 4-week program will include: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip Rotators, Hip Flexors (including that all important Psoas), all the Glutes and into the SI joint and low back.  If these are problem areas or you sit for extended periods of time, this is the program you’ve been waiting for.

We will be working in a systematic way to incorporate a Kosha Balancing Practice – while moving the body – we will emphasize setting intentions, ujjayi breathing, mindfulness, mantra, healing, acceptance, self -love, Chakra awareness and more.

This class is only one hour – so we will make every minute count.

  • Please arrive early to set up your space and be ready to receive
  • Please make a commitment to attend all of the sessions if at all feasible – it is a progressive program.
  • If you miss a class get back the next week and you will be able to catch up.
  • Bring a closed container of water, socks and comfortable clothing.
  • Be prepared to journal during the six weeks to get the most lasting benefit from this program
  • Register early so I know we have a program happening.


  • Efficient use of your time to get the most out of your practice in the shortest amount of time
  • New tools to help you at home between classes and long after the series ends
  • A deeper understanding of your anatomy and what in your life is creating challenges for your body.
  • New skills in mindfulness and meditation through movement and breath.
  • Reconnecting with a health conscious yoga community for support, both in the giving and receiving.

Cost for the Series: 

  • $80 for all 8 Sessions when paid by April 14th.  
  • Registrations received between April 15th and the first class will be $108
  • Drop-In Rate is $15 per class once the series starts

PAYMENT Through Facebook Messenger:
You can now pay via Facebook Messenger; Debit Card to Debit Card with NO FEES.
 This is my preference unless you would like to mail a check to 1325 Tehama Street, Redding, Ca 96001.


I’m looking forward to your feedback and inspiration for more healing yoga series ideas for fall.


Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, RN, E-RYT 500, DHS

Founding Creator of Conscious Living Yoga™ 2000

Reach Dr. Nancy at or

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