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Marcia McGetrick West

MT/HE/AMTA Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy & Bodywork(NCTMB) Hatha Yoga Teacher & Student 530.246.0550

Three Main Influences: Dance, Zen Meditation, Therapeutic Yoga & Bodywork

Style: Strong focus on breath awareness and connecting breath in movement and in “Stillness Meditation”.

All Levels of students.

Personality: Heart-oriented, diligent, sense of humor….Marcia calls her yoga…”Emotion Arts Yoga!”

Specialties: Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, YAMUNA Body Rolling, Neuromuscular Pain Relief Therapy, JinShinDo Acupressure

All Marcia’s classes emphasis the therapeutic aspects of yoga, with a strong focus on meditation/breath practices, along with working on safe alignment and great attention to breath/body awareness, strengthening and stretching and working “in the Moment”. She also teaches Therapeutic Yoga with YAMUNA Body Rolling, the Original Small Ball Therapy, using 6-10” balls that are rolled through the muscles to open and create space, to increase range of motion and to emphasis the anatomy through experiential learning for developing deeper awareness in poses and meditation.

Marcia’s journey to Yoga began many moons ago, informally, as a child who loved to move in her body and formally about 8 years ago. The journey in between is rich with experience: as a professional dancer

trained classically and realized as a modern dancer/performer from age 17 into her late 30’s. During that time in San Francisco, she experienced many forms of “spiritual movement” and “structurally integrated movement” as well as “dance”… tai chi, yoga, Laban Notation, chi gong, HannaSomatics, Feldenkrais, Aston Patterning, Continuum and ImrprovArts in Movement, Music & Art along with a formal Zen Meditation practice.

In 1989, Marcia was introduced to the practice of Zen meditation at the Berkeley Zen Center, and then found a formal practice at the Bay Zen Center/Oakland, where a group of students studying with Charlotte Joko Beck of the Ordinary Mind Zen School out of the San Diego Zen Center, sat meditations together in Diane Rizzetto’s home. In 1994, Diane Eshin Rizzetto became teacher and abbot of the Bay Zen Center and Marcia’s second Zen teacher. In 1996, Marcia studied with Diane in a one year training to then take the formal “Precept Vows” as a student of The Way. Having moved to Redding in 1995, Marcia began to include her Zen practice with an active yoga practice at the House of Yoga. Here, she has blended her practice of Zen meditation with Hatha Yoga, dance and bodywork to become a yoga teacher and perpetual student!

For nearly 20 years, Marcia’s diverse background as an eclectic, heart-oriented movement artist has pushed against convention, experimented with ideas and ways into the body, mind & spirit, and deepened her kinesthetic awareness and intuitive abilities so that she might assist others to find their way to balance in heart, mind and body through her profession as a body worker and massage therapist.

As a teacher, and most importantly, as a student of “beginners mind”, Marcia strives with great heart and diligence to continue the lifelong pursuit of awakening to true liberation through her own Yoga Practice To give back to our community is an honor and an enriching daily experience of….Being our Yoga…together….Namaste.

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