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New Donation Only Class

Starting Jan 1, 2017

Dr. Nancy’s Monday Evening Class



We appreciate your support with donations and also appreciate that not everyone is able to pay the going rate for a yoga class.  So Nancy is leaving this up to YOU, our guest.  You can pay little or a lot – some choose to pay extra to cover for those who are unable to pay – what ever your heart and budget are open to – we will joyfully accept.

216983_1692703760746_386206_n-190x111From Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce:

Yoga changed my life in every possible way.  From healing my back pain, to building my strength and flexibility, to opening my mind and expanding my consciousness – my career has taken a new twist or two, my relationships are more honest, open and loving – and I experience much less stress and conflict.  It opened me up to hosting my own radio show (The Conscious Living Show) and writing a sex and relationship column.  I honestly cannot think of one thing that is the same – my attitude and perspectives have shifted in ways that leave me feeling peaceful and content with the now.  I’m more likely to listen VS speak (although I do speak for a living and never mind being asked for my thoughts), and I’m more mindful when I’m speaking as to my tone and unspoken communication.

Being a yoga therapist and now a Sexologist (Doctor of Human Sexuality), I am more gentle with my approach to everything and everyone – compassion comes easier the longer I practice yoga – including towards myself.  So when I have the chance to share my experiences and knowledge I am thrilled!  It feeds me and fuels me to want to teach more, share more and empower others to find their authentic, designer life too.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to get 75 minutes of YOU TIME each week – to reflect on what makes your life amazing, where your struggles are and the solutions to heal them.  Yoga is much more than a twist this or stretch that experience.  It truly is about the Mind, Body and Spirit joining together on a conscious level by the breath and the stillness.  It is magical.

Find out more about Dr. Nancy – and send her an email if you wish to schedule a private session aside from the public class.

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