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The meaning of life is change.

The House of Conscious Living Yoga had a wonderful 18 year run.  When I birthed the idea I had no intention of teaching, I just simply wanted a place I could fully immerse myself into the study of yoga.  Well, I certainly did immerse myself.

The past 18 years of running a yoga studio has taught me more lessons than I can count.  The community we formed has been inspiring and I’ve enjoyed building many lasting relationships.  My students over the past eighteen years have taught me about life, love, challenge, diversity, acceptance, and most of all, how to meet people right where THEY are, not where I want them to be.

Taking the time each day to step onto my sacred mat space has been the biggest gift of all. My path has been significantly influenced by the time on my yoga mat.  As a student first, teacher second, I have been blessed by the ongoing teachings of Mukunda Stiles and my life muse, my husband, Mark Pierce.  These two are always in my psychic ear guiding my journey of self discovery and actualization.  I’m eternally grateful to them both.

I have often said, “The yoga mat is my life laboratory”.  And this continues to be true.  My time on the mat has helped me design and redesign my life off the mat.  For me, this is the pinnacle of what yoga really is all about.  It has never been about perfecting a pose, or learning sanskrit (although fun and exciting as they may be), it’s been about finding out who I am and why I’m here.  That is why I am forever a yogini.  I don’t need a studio or a video to step onto my mat and go in.

Here are some pearls I’ve collected so far while on my mat.  These are my most valuable lessons from my yoga.

Finding the space between the breath.  Finding the backbend in every forward bend.  Finding the stillness in the movement.  Finding peace amidst the chaos.  Finding love when hate surrounds us.  Finding silence in the noisiest of places.  Finding the pearls within the traumas.  Finding the new among the old.  Find me in spite of the worlds perceptions.  Finding courage when I’m most frightened.  Finding patience when I’m on the ledge.  Finding hope when the world is darkest.  Finding my pleasure even while experiencing pain.  Finding my way when I feel most lost.  Finding humility when my ego wants to rule.  Finding my humanity when I am expecting otherwise.  And most of all, Finding love at the center of everything.

I move forward with great satisfaction for the work well done.  My new direction has been greatly influenced by my yoga practice.  Ever evolving and morphing into a more clear view of my inner self and my responsibilities while awake in this body.  The yoga teachings are intertwined into everything I am and do.  I can’t see the line of demarcation any longer.  I hope for some, my personal journey will inspire the inner courage required to go against the flow others would have you use.  It’s not the path of least resistance by any means – yet it is the path of greatest joy, sense of excitement and personal fulfillment.

I now am careful to surround myself with those who love me enough to accept me as I am… Who now meet me at the door of their lives with the same love I learned to meet them at the door of my studio with – right where I am – not where they want me to be.

To those who entered the House of Conscious Living Yoga, I hope you felt loved – honored – and seen.  And that you continue the practice with the new Heart of Yoga… all the while holding onto YOUR own heart of your yoga.

The baton has been passed to the next generation of teachers.  I wish them great learning.

PS.  You can still practice with me ad nauseam with the downloadable videos I created for you.  It’s just like a class with me – almost.

If you are interested in my new path as I bring everything I have emerged my yoga practice with into my counseling practice, media presence and international teaching, please visit my Dr.NSP website and follow me on Social Media.

With Great Respect & Love, I honor my heart, my inner teacher…. (Om Namah Shivaya).  


Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

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