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What IS Conscious Living Yoga?



What IS Conscious Living Yoga?  

The Beginning…

Conscious Living Yoga™ has emerged over the past 20 years through the yoga path of Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce.  She began her yoga practice under the instruction of an Iyengar trained teacher who inspired her to attend the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco for their teacher-training program.

Her yoga education included (but not limited to) the generous teachings of John Friend (Anusara Yoga), Bryan Kest, Julie Lawrence (Iyengar), Ganga White & Tracy Rich, Erich Schiffmann, Dr. Richard Miller, and her primary teacher, Mukunda Stiles.

Conscious Living Yoga™ Evolved

Through these experiences, added to her own time on the mat and her many years as a registered nurse and health education expert, her own sense of Yoga came into view.  She, herself, did not name this yoga.  By the time it was named (by her husband and student) she was already hosting her own weekly radio show called, The Conscious Living Show.  The show helped to formalize the concepts she had been brewing for over a decade and have created the building blocks for Conscious Living Yoga.

The Beauty Of Conscious Living Yoga™

As with anything – these concepts are constantly evolving.  That is the beauty of Conscious Living Yoga™ – there is no box needed and no clear definition required.  It’s a fluid box of sorts – one that allows for the natural expansion and contraction time demands.  CLY invites the practitioner to open up to view her or his own perceptions, ideas, beliefs, desires, challenges, judgments, fears, and experiences with a new lens.  A lens that is filtered by fun, patience, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, hope, enthusiasm, learning, growing, honesty and most importantly, LOVE!

How Conscious Living Yoga™ Might Influence Us

We spend a serious amount of time learning not to take ourselves so seriously!  We can learn through CLY that just because we think it, it isn’t always our truth and it’s our responsibility and right to question our own thoughts and beliefs if they cause suffering.  We learn through CLY that our body is not the enemy; that the messages it gives us are of great value and are there “for us”, not happening “to us”.  CLY reveals to us through the challenge of our forward bends – which is nothing more than a quick peak into our future – where some of our resistance and fears are held, and how much the breath can ease us into the unknown.  As we practice CLY together in partner work we are reminded that we are never really alone and the power of human touch is irrefutable!

In Summary…

So it seems that Conscious Living Yoga™ is not about the poses or how flexible you are; Conscious Living Yoga™ is about a journey into the inner workings of yourself.  It’s about using your yoga mat as a life laboratory for making new discoveries and finding new ways in which to live your life authentically and from a place of loving-kindness.  Practicing Conscious Living Yoga™ is life changing – mind opening – and heart healing.  CLY should come with a warning that in addition to all of this, you may experience a side effect; your body will get stronger and your suffering may subside.

Who Can Benefit from Conscious Living Yoga™ ?

I don’t know about you, but this seems like something that could benefit everyone regardless of where you begin; for Conscious Living Yoga is happy to meet you right where you are, no matter where that may be.

Find out more about Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce and how Conscious Living Yoga is influencing the entire body of her work now.
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  1. Mark Pierce says:

    What is Conscious Living Yoga?

    Conscious Living Yoga is a practice, which allows you to discover your authentic self. Nancy, expanding on the concepts of Mukunda’s teaching of mindfulness and the inner teacher, teaches us to trust in our true nature and free our spirit of artificial rules, laws, customs and guilt. Non-judgement evolves so you can discover the essence of peace and love.

    Thank you, Nancy. You are LOVE itself.

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